Credimax is meant to be a Latam leader in digital consumer finance.  We get money to our clients in a fast, convenient way that fits their needs and lifestyle.  We use cutting edge tech and big data to offer fast & convenient loans.

Currently and since 2014, with our wholly owned subsidiary Rapicredit SAS and our brands/products RapiCredito & RapiPago, we service the Colombian market, a country with more than 45M habitants.  Although it doubled its GDP/capita between 2002-12 as well as the size of its middle class, still more than 60% of country´s pop has no access to bank loans and/or are poorly serviced.
With more than 70% owning a bank account, more than 95% of households owning a mobile phone and 50% having access to the internet, a fast, reliable, confortable and convenient internet solution is an ideal answer to fulfill this need.
Colombian unit expects to deliver more than 30k loans this year alone and by 2020 this figure shall overcome the 400k loans/year.
Since april 2014 company has had more than 1.7 million visits to its website, more than 75k credit requests and has given more than 23k loans to +7k clients and 110k registered users.
Credit algorithm has been working great since day 1 and it´s permanently adjusted.  More than 70% of new requests are rejected and customers buyback is on the growth.
Collection has been positive since month 1, almost 90% of clients pay in full, and less than 8.3% have been negatively reported to credit bureaus and eventually become in default (vs a 10% budget).
Customer satisfaction at 85% indicates this is our priority; 96% will recommend our solution to a friend or relative.
With a +25 member team, company is committed to its dream of becoming a Latam leader in digital consumer finance. Credimax is our brand new holding company foreseeing a bright future; Rapicredit our first business unit, is 29 months old.


“Smart money for further investments in technology, marketing and team building is a must!”

“Execution has to be a part of a company’s strategy and its goals. It is the missing link between aspirations and results. As such, it is a major—indeed, the major—job of a business leader. If you don’t know how to execute, the whole of your effort as a leader will always be less than the
sum of its parts.”
Daniel Materon
“Let’s make it clear what business ideas are. There are ideas for making money, ideas for creatively improving existing business, and brand-new ideas. I believe, to make really big money, you need to do what everyone else has done before you, but do it better than everyone else.

All money-making ideas do not concern the question, “What should I do?”, but rather, “How should I do it?” – that is, the execution process.”

Juan E Saldarriaga
“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.”
Pamela Richter

“Let’s make something great together.”